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Too late for breakfast and yet too early for lunch? Why not Brunch. Yes, that is right…and we are amazing like that

brunch brunch

Brunch is a late morning thingy between breakfast and lunch, a good replacement for both meals, usually carried out when somebody rises too late to have breakfast, or as a well-planned meal. The term is coined from two words breakfast and lunch and originated in 1896. More than a tasty meal, brunch is a way of life, an atypical lifestyle where you get lots of options to go on with, or you can even create a perfect preferential food chart where mimosas and fresh pressed juice could be your winning combo.

There are no rights and wrongs associated with a healthy brunch, be it an interplay between chicken and pancakes or burger and mash. And above all, you never look down on a brunch table. Respect and sheer respect to this binging spree. At this table, you recollect your sense of belongingness, the beautiful moments in the bright daylight with wee-bit memories of the past night. Brunch makes sense with no sense, just an instinct, an indelible hunger, and longing taste buds.

There is a classiness in brunch no matter what, even if you are a late bloomer or a nocturnal. Perhaps it’s the radiant sun or the beautiful ambiance that sets up a beautiful moment to have a brunch. . brunch, you may crave for eggs benedict while gourmet burgers served with home made organic whole meal bread made in house straight from oven to plate would gracefully treat you the another day. This binging time slot motivates you to try better delicacies every day with our thoughtfully crafted brunch recipes.

Brunch never judges your spirit it in fact adds to your persona. It even complements the fact you love drinking, well accompanied by an inevitable hangover; it helps you to recall and feel new experiences at the table. It’s a magical feeling with no terms and conditions, just an inclination, to taste the best at Guanabana. Yes, that’s true! We serve experiences that you’ll never forget as long as a healthy brunch is concerned.

A healthy brunch neither needs any sanctions by the society nor follows a structure, it goes by the instincts of a glutton. Start it once and go all over again and again, because this is what brunch means to be. At Guanabana, we have some of the coolest brunch waiters/waitress who would better amp up your brunch with delightful brunch recipes- you name it we have it- such as EX PAT FULL ENGLISH, EGG DISHES, GOURMET BURGERS, PANCAKES, ORGANIC, HOME MADE BREADS & BRIOCHE, GLUETN FREE AREPAS and more.

Besides, where on the earth did you get such opportunity to show off your trends! So you have these exclusive shades, yet you are in a state of identity crisis, wondering about how would you look in those pair of sunglasses. We'll suggest you to go on, and show your bold side while you order the best brunch of your life, here. Or if you need a place to flaunt those pair of shoes? Don't worry. All streams of fashion merge into one course of this fulfilling meal: Brunch.

Be ready, IN GUANABANA be it a Sunday brunch or the Weekday ones. These delightful sessions would inspire new stories in your life while you brunch with those who you went out with the previous night, or with your family members. Make moments magically delicious with our best brunch compilations. The biggest movement in process, the brunch, is getting deep into our lifestyle. The truth is hard to resist; may the temptation be always with you.

These days Instagram and hashtags have become the holy grail. Cool snaps are summing up the coolest moments, and everybody loves to capture a perfect brunch moment. Scientifically, it's proven that the more you share, the more likable you become. So, whatever be the inspiration, better keep a selfie stick along for all brunch moments. Apply some good filters, and you’re all set to go.

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Wish you Happy Ramadan, break your fast in Guanabana

Wish you Happy Ramadan we invite you to break your fast in Guanabana.

Festivity is at its peak: So what ramadan preparations have you made to greet this auspicious occasion yet? Well, there’s no hurry as far as you have ample ideas in your mind. These are long, gruesome summers, but when our love for Ramadan comes in between, every moment becomes tranquilizing, soothing, and full of divinity, followed by fasting, and piousness in human character.

To ease your fast opening time we have launched our new menu especially for Ramadan that will not only satisfy your hunger but also quench the thirst of the fast.

Our Ramadan Menu includes fruity dates, nachos, hot& tangy chickpeas quinoa stuffed jalapeno, wings, yummy empanadas and delicious GB mini loafs.

The Ramadan Platter also consists of fresh


Feasting is a crucial part of this spiritual journey, you, however, would be least interested to be slaved over a hot stove on a scorching day, or getting yourself barbecued. Well, delicious barbecues are stocked at our place, in the order of your preference, as if waiting for you to feast on those.

When it comes to delivering the best to our Muslim customers during Ramadan, we will leave no stones unturned, of course. In the previous years, London has seen the rise of many restaurants that serve halal dishes, but experience always speaks above the new ones. With our existence of more than eight years, we have learned how to help you better to understand your taste buds.

A menu that has been curated to grace the senses of the food connoisseurs, and an ambiance that speaks for itself, are the reasons potent enough to draw your attention to the lip-smacking delicacies that we serve here with consideration. Get everything on our Ramadan menu, made of halal such as halal steaks, halal lamb, halal gourmet burgers, and halal jerk chicken. Complementing to the delicacies are a wide variety of non-alcoholic beverages, ranging from fresh pressed juice, milkshake to mojitos.

Ramadan is a pristine occasion, when people who fast or don’t fast have enough reasons to indulge in the pleasures, be it on a spiritual level or a physical level. So, whatever be your side at the coin, you’ll always flip and land in the world full of surprises! Wood Charcoal barbecue kitchen at Guanabana would take care of minute details, such as flavor and texture of delicacies.

This Ramadan, get a reason to crave for more, coming up with our drooling recipes and exceptional food. Appetizers, grills, house dishes, gourmet burgers, gourmet fajitas, and more. Just decide, what would you like to have, and we’ll give you more than 100 reasons to ask for more, every time you visit here. And if you are a vegetarian, we also have an exclusive menu for that. So, Vegans,we have something awesome in the menu for you!

During Ramadan, we are brimming with gratitude, love and respect to our friends, neighbors, families, and relatives. We accompany this by exchange of gifts, blessings, and messages encrusted with love in Islam.

The concluding day or the last day, everyone celebrates the festival of ‘Eid. Throughout this spiritual journey and caravan of jubilation, one thing that always stays in our heart, and wobbles inside our taste buds, are delicious, and mind-blowing cuisines at GuanaBana.

Though fasting and feasting at Guanabana are the two poles apart, yet we can’t skip the fact that fasting during the month of Ramadan is one of the five pillars of Islam. From dawn to sunset, followers are engrossed in spiritual thought. As it has been said, in the holy month of Ramadan, Quran was sent down to the earth, to free humanity from the slavery of sinful thoughts, and guide them in the right direction. That’s why reading the Quran during Ramadan is strongly advised for the humankind.

Ramadan marks the beginning of positive and life changing moments in your life. Let’s start afresh with our exclusive menu, designed for enhancing the zest of Ramadan. Embrace the time of Iftar with complimentary fruits and dates, along with a peaceful ambiance for praying and interacting with your spiritual soul & thank Allah for the blessed month of Ramadan. We at Guanabana would like to collate everything that adds tasteful memories in your life this Ramadan.