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eid platter

Muslims in London and around the world have been starving themselves throughout the month of Ramadan. People do rigorous fasting and drinking water is prohibited for 19 consecutive hours. But fasting is going to get over soon as Ramadan is due to end in a few days. The ending ceremony is marked with an event known as Eid al-Fitr- or just commonly as ‘Eid in U.K. and across the world. So to make it even more special, Guanabana restaurant has arranged a special meal for you to enjoy with your friends and families.

Celebration intensifies with a restaurant that serves only Halal food. And who better than Guanabana restaurant could understand that? This great, cozy and rich- in-ambience restaurant is perfect for the Muslims to break their daily fast after dusk falls over and even the culinary stage is all set for kindling a great experience of feasting here.

These top five sizzling dishes for 'Eid will totally delight you

Ribs- Everybody loves ribs, they’re so good that even children can’t deny this fact! Ribs are served with exotic barbecue sauces and stacked on a rack. You can tear apart this meaty delight by hand, and then enjoy eating the meat from the bone. Juicy and soft ribs are prepared by slow roasting or barbecuing it rigorously. Do you want to grab this fulfilling meal of ribs? Come to Guanabana; we will serve you.

Steak- The art of making steak requires that it should be sliced perpendicular to the muscular fibers, good if including bone. The exceptionality lies with the flank steak and skirt steak. Steaks, however, are grilled yet they can be broiled or deep fried. Want to get that absolute pleasure of sliding the knife down into a steak and blessing your taste buds? If Yes, then we are all ears!

Lobster- Seafood is exotic, exclusive and a must have for the food connoisseurs. Lobsters are delicious and high in nutrition. Cooked in different ways and prepared with the choicest ingredients, we are sure that lobsters would make your day, filled with the goodness of life and a taste that lingers forever in your senses.

Hand cut chips- This is what we call- an ideal snack of epic proportions. Starch filled potatoes are cut into slices and seasoned with oil in a bowl. After this even process of mixing, the chips are transferred to an oiled baking sheet and baked at 400F. And this is just a glimpse of the savory goodness that awaits you at Guanabana. Do try our Hand cut chips.

Corn from Ecuador- Ecuadorian dishes are a class apart because the intrinsic goodness of nature and farm freshness is evident in the soil of the Ecuador. Corn from Ecuador is indispensable and famous for its great taste and essential qualities. It is essentially useful in soups and a variety of other American dishes. Cherish the taste of Corn from Ecuador, and stay active and healthy.

Apart from all these delicacies, a sumptuous, extensive, and fulfilling menu of luxury cuisines is ready to anticipate and conquer your feelings. To conclude the glorious journey of Ramadan, we celebrate ‘Eid, and to mark the natural event of ‘Eid; let’s celebrate at Guanabana Restaurant.

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Celebrate th 4th July at Guanabana

INDEPENDANCE DAYWe at Guanabana wish all of the Americans currently in London, a very happy independence Day 4th July'16

Pop into Guanabana for a taste of American cuisine right here in London. We offer wood charcoal grilled burgers served on freshly baked brioche buns, and some of the best steaks this side of the Atlantic.

Since 2007 we have been providing a warm welcome for everyone who walks through our doors. Honest food, humble surroundings, friendly service and passionately sourcing our ingredients has been the heart of everything that fires out of our kitchens.

We at Guanabana believe in using local produce, and have always used the best ingredients possible. We make as much as possible on site, and for items that we are unable to make, we carefully source them from local purveyors.

Guanabana isn’t just famous for its burgers and steaks, but also authentic South American and Caribbean cuisine. Curried goat and Jerk chicken are amongst the most popular dishes, and our cactus fries are one of the many unique menu items that Guanabana has to offer.

You are welcome to bring your own bottle of any alcoholic beverage that you wish, as we don’t make alcoholic drinks on site. We have a wide range of drinks however, including lime virgin mojito, Oreo milkshake, and Arabic mint tea.