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Guanabana is spreading the word of World Elephant Day



You may be thinking why is the Guanabana restaurant writing about World Elephant Day? It’s quite simple really, because the world’s elephants are becoming endangered, and we need to help make the public aware of the issues. So at Guanabana, we are celebrating the event in the surroundings of our Latin American restaurant, situated in the heart of Camden.


Recent statistics show that elephant numbers have dropped by 62% over the last decade, and if the current trend continues then they could be extinct within the next ten years. More than one hundred African elephants are killed each day by poachers seeking the valuable ivory, meat and body parts, leaving just 400,000 elephants in existence.


Elephants are running out of space and time and World Elephant Day is due to be celebrated on the 12th September, so why not join in! So whether you support the cause by fostering an elephant, sharing a photo on social media or signing the online petition, we can all support such a worthy cause and prevent elephants from becoming extinct. For further information over the event please check out the World Elephant website,


First opened in 2007, Guanabana was one of the first Latin Caribbean restaurants in London and we’re incredibly proud of what we’ve established in Camden. Specialising in cuisine from all over South America, we offer a wide selection of food that will cater for any particular taste buds.  In recent blogs, we have enjoyed describing the food that our chefs freshly prepare, but are your aware of the restaurant itself?


As you walk through the front doors of Guanabana you’ll realise we’re anything but ordinary. Your immediate attention will be drawn to our Latin American décor, and you’re be surprised that just moments before walking through the door, you were in the heart of London! At Guanabana, our commitment was in enhancing your Latin Caribbean experience which we believe complements the food we freshly deliver in are open planned kitchen. Designed with colour and character, our rooms are filled with paintings as well as an array of mismatch of furniture, all with the effect of bringing the vibrancy of the Caribbean to our part of Camden.


Our hard work and highly accoladed food has given Guanabana the reputation of providing a fun and atmospheric location to the streets of Camden. So, whether you’re wanting a quick bite to eat from our Brunch Menu or celebrating an evening with friends, we have a dish that will make the event that bit more memorable.

NEED A QUICK SNACK FOR LUNCH- Not everyone has time for a sit down meal, but don’t worry we can still provide you with some fresh and delicious takeout food. So ditch your local convenient store and call in to Guanabana for a gourmet sandwich created by one of our highly skilled chefs. Our sandwiches can be served with a freshly squeezed juice of your choice, which is guaranteed to help to your five a day!

MAYBE YOU JUST WANT SOME DRINKS- Guanabana is not just a restaurant, our Latin American culture is our way of life! You don’t have to eat if you don’t want to! Our restaurant has a bar where you and your friends can come and just have a drink at the end of the day, or perhaps you just want to listen to some great Latin beats in possibly the most vibrant restaurant Camden has to offer!


If you’d like to keep up with all the latest news and offers then you can follow us and them via our social media pages at Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

There’s no need to book your table in advance if you just want to take pot luck and call in to the restaurant, but if you’d like to know more or want to reserve your slot, then you can phone us on 0207 485 1166, email us at or use our online booking facility.

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Respect for the Aged Day (敬老の日 Keirō no Hi)


Respect for the Age Day

Respect for the Aged Day (敬老の日 Keirō no Hi) at Guanabana

Guanabana never misses out on a party and for that reason we our joining in this Japanese national holiday for the elders. Known as Seniors' Day, Respect of the Aged Day, or Keiro no Hi, it was established as a national holiday in 1966 to express respect for the elders in the community. The day is also seen as a recognition and thanks for their contributions to society whilst celebrating their longevity.

In Japan to honour their elders, many communities throw parties and offer special gifts to bring even more longevity to their lives. Since 1963, the Japanese government has given a commemorative silver sake cup to Japanese people who reach the age of 100.

Follow our Secret to Longevity

We all know that the Japanese live to a ripe old age partly due their diet and lifestyle, but at Guanabana we have our own secrets to longevity, Delicious Food! You’ve heard right! Good food is the key to a successful and healthy life. That’s why Guanabana has been offering our guests a truly delicious menu of the finest Southern American cuisine since our restaurant opened. Our belief is to serve the finest and freshest food with a warm smile in the backdrop of some great Latin beats.

Guanabana is situated in the vibrant area of Camden and our restaurant has been been serving the pinnacle of Latin American cuisine in London since 2007. So if you want to treat a special one to a meal at Guanabana and it’s your first time joining us, then we will help provide memories to treasure!

A Friendly Welcome

As soon as you walk through our restaurant doors you’ll feel like you have been whisked off to a tropical paradise, located somewhere in the heart of South America. Our friendly staff will be on hand to welcome you and your guests to our exquisite dining rooms. Venturing through our restaurant you’ll be able to view a mismatch of furniture alongside some of the delightful smells and some easy listening latin beats. Guanabana would love to see you visit with someone special this Respect of the Aged Day, so whether you want to have a spot of brunch or an evening meal, our staff would make that celebration that much more memorable

So whether you want a relaxed lunch or perhaps an evening celebration we can cater for you!

So whatever your plans our for Respect of the Aged Day we can help! We serve early morning brunches, sandwiches for a quick bite to eat or a fabulous A La Carte Menu for that special evening meal.

If you’re not aware we are proud to tell you that all the meat served in our dishes our 100% halal. Not only that however, we also source the finest ingredients local to Camden. So if you are looking for a colourful and enjoyable meal in a relaxed environment, then look no further than Guanabana!

A Menu for all Occasions

Our team of talented chefs are passionate about the ingredients they use as well as the Latin American roots which have been fundamental to our consistent success. With numerous accolades from people throughout the world, our food is colourful, tasty and represents the best cuisine that the Southern American continent has to offer.

Whilst we may not serve sushi for this Respect of the Aged Day, our chefs have a selection of dishes that will delight your nearest and dearest. Will you experience food from a faraway continent or will you try something closer to home? Either way our menu caters for everybody and will add a bit of glamour to that special meal.

What’s more, you can bring your favourite drink to compliment your meals. For just a small corkage fee, why not bring that special bottle of bubbly or maybe be adventurous and try a bit of Japanese sake (we don’t supply the silver cups unfortunately!)

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Like what you’ve read? Then why not book a table to come and eat with us– we’d like nothing more – then you can contact us by email at, phone us on 0207 485 1166 or use our online booking facility.

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