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Halloween Guanabana Restaurant

Halloween Guanabana Restaurant on the 31st of October is nearly upon us and what better than playing a little trick on your friends and pretending you have nothing planned for this weekend! or you might have something planned this weekend come on and celebrate with us Well it is Halloween, so everyone deserve a little trick and there will be nothing better that giving them a real treat by surprising them with a delicious meal at Camden’s most prestigious Latin American Restaurant!

Our team love Halloween and well lets be honest what’s not to like really? Dressing up in spooky costumes and decorating our own part of Camden with pumpkins and playing a few tricks is all parts of Halloween Guanabana Restaurant rituals. Whilst we may not be trick or treating this year, as we will hopefully too busy feeding you guys, we still like to keep up with the theme!

Since 2007 we have been keeping with traditions and delivering great food to the people of London, who in turn keep returning to our restaurant to try our chefs new dishes. We’ve been racking our brains though for this years Halloween spectacular and wondered how we can top of last years rather adventurous food creations! In case you never ventured round Camden last year (maybe you were too afraid) our kitchen team thought it would be a hell-raising idea to experiment with our recipes. Halloween Guanabana Restaurant have a team of eccentric-minded Heston Blumenthal's type chefs concocted a variety of different experiments to leave our diners taste buds tingling with excitement! Can you remember the spooky twist to our freshly made brioche buns? Well if you weren’t a witness to this monstrous creation then you missed out on the black brioche buns that accompanied our mouthwatering gourmet burgers!

Halloween Guanabana Restaurant

Why are we telling you this? Well the Guanabana Bun is a signature to our restaurant and we passionately make them every morning without fail. But when someone craftily alters our recipes it brings a new level of expectations from our customers! How you may ask, when they look so vulgar? Quite simply they were delicious and the reason being is that they are made to a secret special recipe using premium grade, specialist flour. Our brioche burger buns go through a different baking process to ordinary burger buns, but they are still hand kneaded by our pastry chef and baked daily. Because of this, they are sweeter, lighter and more soft than ordinary burger buns, which we think gives our homemade burgers the edge over any competition.

Mad scientists will again take over our kitchen this Halloween

Every Halloween Guanabana Restaurant seem to get possessed into creating something new and I’m sure this year will be no different. The only problem for you will be in determining whether this is going to be a trick or treat for your taste buds?

So whether you pop in for a spot of brunch or maybe an evening meal we will sure to delight you with some great costumes whilst the food firing out from the kitchen will provide the spices and tastes of our Latin American Cuisine. Don’t believe me? Well what about trying the most famous dish that has come from Camden: Camden’s famous wood coal grilled half jerk baby chicken, and be a devil and bring your own drink. You see we have a corkage policy which will be a treat for your pocket. No matter what you want to experience this weekend we will ensure we exceed your expectations

Only a zombie of vampire would not join us this Halloween Guanabana Restaurant weekend

Oh come on, you can’t seriously tell me now you don’t want to see what our kitchen has planned! – but remember it’s Halloween weekend so you’d best be quick or you’ll miss out? Halloween Guanabana Restaurant!

If you’d like to join us this weekend then you can guarantee a place by booking your table via our online booking system by phoning us on 0207 485 1166 or by emailing us at Or you could just head over to Camden and take pot luck but, if you are coming, don’t forget to come in fancy dress and bag yourself a free dessert at Halloween Guanabana Restaurant.

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International Vegetarian Day

International Vegetarian DayAs Camden number one Latin American Restaurant we love talking about how we deliver the freshest and tastiest foods that London has to offer. On this latest blog, we heard that on October 1st it will be the annual kick-off for Vegetarian Awareness Month. International Vegetarian Day, So to help celebrate, Guanabana wants to educate our followers and eaters, on the delights of vegetarian cuisine!

International Vegetarian Day

For the majority of foodies who come to eat at Guanabana they love the taste or our Jerk Chicken or our halal cuts of steak, but are you aware of the benefits of incorporating a vegetarian diet into your food plan? At Guanabana no matter what dish you choose, our food is always freshly prepared and seasoned with the finest Latin American herbs and spices! So by being adventurous and ordering a vegetarian dish this October, you could potentially experience some delicious culinary delights with some major health benefits! These include;

Helping to prevent diseases- Vegetarian diets are more healthful than the average meat diet, particularly in preventing, treating or reversing heart disease and reducing the risk of cancer. A low-fat vegetarian diet is the single most effective way to stop the progression of coronary artery disease or prevent it entirely! A great reason to eat your five a day!

Reduce your weight- Our diets are high in saturated fats and processed foods! Eating fresh food and tasty fruit and vegetables will prevent you from counting calories or carbs and without measuring portions or feeling hungry.

You'll live longer. If you switch from the standard diet to a vegetarian diet, you can add about 13 healthy years to your life research has stated. Moreover, it has been said that meat eaters also experience accelerated cognitive and sexual dysfunction at a younger age. 

Great Tasting Fresh Food

Guanabana ethos is all about delivering mouthwatering food in a unique environment. More importantly, and especially for International Vegetarian day we are proud that our kitchen team passionately source our ingredients from local conveyors close to our restaurant. Since we opened our pride and joy In Camden back in 2007, we have forged strong relationships with businesses and the community. Our Latin American roots are firmly set in the heartland of the capital and the freshest ingredients are at the heart of everything that fires out of our kitchen!

A menu that is a sure fire hit for vegetarians!

Southern American cuisine is not all about prime cut of halal meat! Our highly trained chefs use key Latin ingredients to produce the tastiest and mouth-watering Southern American food London has to offer. So whether you’re a vegetarian, or perhaps you want to experience something different off our menu, we guarantee that we will not disappoint! Guanabana maybe the spiritual home of the Jerk Chicken or the Ackee & Snapper but we are proud to deliver the tastiest vegetarian food (we think London has to offer!), using the flavours and ingredient that Southern American is famous for! So whether you’re a regular or someone experiencing Latin American food for the first, why not try a vegetarian dish? You could choose…….

FRIJOLES A LA MEXICANO- Stewed black beans, sautéed greens and spinach, white rice, fried egg, avocado, feta

TOFU TACHOS- Crispy adobo tofu tacos, pickled cactus, sour cream & aji in corn tortilla. Rice and peas and black beans.

CHICKPEA & CALLALOO STEW- Curried chickpeas, potato, spinach in a mild coconut sauce, rice and peas, fried plantain

MAC DADDY- Roasted Portobello mushroom, macaroni & cheese, char grill roasted peppers all served in a freshly made brioche bun! This is the daddy of vegetarian burgers!

OUR GOURMET FAJITAS- Haloumi, Portobello mushroom all served with our delicious homemade guacamole, salsa sour cream, cheese, sautéed bell pepper, coriander and onions on a sizzle plate with flour tortillas. Who said that fajitas needs to have a meat filling?

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