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BOGOF with Burgers at Guanabana



In the middle of the week no one really feels like cooking. You get home and you are hungry and tired, your partner is hungry and tired and the kids are hungry and tired. Last weekend is long forgotten and the next weekend cannot come fast enough. It is that hump in the middle of the week and you need to get over and find a way to make it to Friday with your sanity intact. It is that bad in some households that even the dog and the cat feel the same. It is called Wednesday and it is real, very real.

Guanabana understands the Wednesday feeling. The tropical and Caribbean restaurant in Camden knows the midweek feeling only too well and knows that everyone needs something filling and they want it fast. A late night is not needed but night where happiness and joy would not go a miss. It is called life, Wednesday is always a tough one, and the team at Guanabana really do know how you feel.

For this reason, the happiest most enjoyable restaurant in North London has the solution to all your midweek problems. Even on a tropical island in the Caribbean, Wednesday is a bit of hump and the feeling that good food is needed fast is well known. Therefore, for this reason the team at Guanabana got their heads together.

The food at Guanabana is fast becoming something of an urban legend. Sure the fact that the food is served by the happiest, most friendly staff you could ever wish to meat and this does perhaps make it very special. But the chefs know how to make good food and make it fast. By far the best-known fast food is a burger and Guanabana has by far the most amazing burgers anywhere in London.

Made from 100% pure beef or real chicken fillet the burger patties are grilled on a wood fire, it takes just a little longer but is still quick. Then a variety of toppings is loaded into specially baked Brioche Buns to create a range of tropical and South American burgers that are unlike any other. From the outrageous Messy Mexican to the delectable Mac Daddy there is something   for everyone, even the simple BBC (Guanabana’s own cheeseburger) is a sheer delight to eat.

These burgers make for the best fast food anywhere in London, they are filling and at Guanabana the weekend soon feels that bit closer and a smile begins to grow on your face. But there is more. Wednesday is BOGOF!!! Yes, on a Wednesday night if you buy any one of our delicious burgers you get another for free! How’s that for making your Wednesday easier, happier and at the same time saving you some hard earned cash.

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