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Brazilian Independence Day in Guanabana Restaurant

Brazilian Independence Day

Brazilian Day

Guanabana Restaurant Brazilian Independence Day Celebration

It’s nearly that time of year again, when Guanabana gets excited for Brazilian Independence Day. A national holiday in Brazil, Independence Day is on the 7th September and represents Brazil’s independence from the hands of the Portuguese.

In the streets of Brazil people will be celebrating this day with parties and good Brazilian street food. At Guanabana we are no different, and we are bringing our Latin American roots to the streets of Camden! This year we want to transport our customers away from the hustle and bustle of Camden and let you experience the paradises of Rio de Janeiro’s and São Paulo (just without the air miles!).

Bringing the Latin American vibe to Camden

Since 2007 Guanabana has been proud to be serving Latin American food to regulars and visitors in the Camden area. Our Latin American food is talked about across the capital and we love amazing customers with a variety of different dishes that Latin cuisine and culture has to offer.

Set in the heart of Camden, Guanabana isn’t any ordinary restaurant, we pride ourselves on providing fantastic hosting in a party atmosphere! Our open plan kitchen serves the finest cuisine all created from fully trained chefs. Coming to Guanabana is a must for any visitor to Camden this Brazilian Independence Day.

Let’s get the party started

Just like in Rio de Janeiro to get the party started you need a cocktail in your hand. Whilst we don’t serve alcohol our experience bartenders provide the perfect ‘mocktails’ to kick start your celebrations. What will you try?

Guanabana Berry Breezer- A perfect mix of fresh berries mixed with Guanabana special juice. A real refreshing drink for those memories of sitting on the beach!

Guanabana Mojito- A drink to end the summer month ! The fresh mint and Guanabana fruit makes this irresistible. Just watch us mix and stir this drink!

Watermelon & Guava Mojito- Fresh watermelon and guava juice is the concoction for this mocktail! Try it and we guarantee you'll love it!

Perhaps you want to eat but bring your own drinks? That’s no problem! With a small corkage charge you’re able to bring your own alcohol and enjoy your favourite drink with your Latin American meal. Why not consider bringing a spirit and mixing it up with one of our ‘mocktails?’

The Latin American Way

At Guanabana are kitchen serves the best latin cuisine that Camden has to offer. Our chefs are passionate about the produce we use for our recipes. All our prime cuts of meat are 100% halal and there is no exception! We spend hours each week sourcing the freshest herbs and spices to ensure that your tastebuds experience the finest food.

Brazilian Independence Day is all about sharing great food and at Guanabana you and your guest will not be disappointed in what we offer. What do you fancy from our menu?

Picanha- A popular cut of steak from Brazil and is known as the rump cap. Cooked just how you like it, but will you jerk it up?

Sticky Lick Beef Ribs= It’s sounds good, but just tastes so much better! Served with jalapenos and homeslaw, the beef from the ribs just falls of the bone. This is one dish that is a party feast to savour. Will you be brave enough to share though?

Pan Fried Seabass Fillet- A real taste of the ocean. Freshly caught sea bass served with a feta cheese mash and a herb sauce. Has that not got you dreaming?

These are  just a selection of our specials that our chefs and Guanabana have been creating. Now can you see why we’ve been around since 2007?

We know that not everyone wants something that adventurous, well don't worry we have just what you want!

The BBC- The BBC has nothing to do with the TV station but is all about the ‘barbeque, bacon and cheese’ burger! Sandwiched in a homemade brioche bun, this burger is not seen at any fast food joint, this is a ‘gourmet burger’ that we are proud of! Chargrilled to perfection, we guarantee you’ve never tasted anything like this!

Maybe if you still have room after that you may be tempted by our dessert menu?

Chocolate Brownie- Who can resist a chocolate brownie with walnuts and vanilla ice cream? This rich dessert will give you that chocolate fix which will help you party the night away,

Samba at Guanabana

You can’t come to Guanabana without experiencing the samba. Were not just about amazing Latin American food, we have a passion for music too! So get your dancing shoes on and samba the night away with us. Watch the sun set over Camden (our very own Rio de Janerio) and celebrate Brazilian Independence Day in style.

Book Now

So whether it’s brunch or an evening full of celebrations join us at Guanabana where were bring the Latin American atmosphere to your plate.

If you’d like to book a table to come and eat with us- we’d love nothing more to help you celebrate. Contact us by email at info@guanabanarestaurant.com or by telephone us on 0207 485 11 66 or use our online booking facility.


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