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Burger and Brioche Buns

Burger and Brioche Buns


Summer’s arrived in the UK, and it’s barbecue time. What do you want more at a barbecue than a big meaty burger, grilled to perfection with a slightly singed bun and all the trimmings? Here at Guanabana restaurant, we know how important it is to get burgers right. While you can buy a packet of burgers and buns from the supermarket, in the hopes that the weather will hold for long enough to cook them on the barbecue, the Guanabana has been making and cooking burgers from scratch for a little less than a decade. Every day our buns are baked freshly in-house, and our premium quality beef is ground specially by our expert chefs specialising in Latin and Caribbean fusion food.

One of our specialties is freshly baked brioche buns. A brioche bun is a French pastry bun that is highly enriched, made with butter and eggs to give it a rich, tender crumb. We prepare the dough for our buns with the highest quality flour, which we then hand knead and leave to rise multiple times before we bake it at the perfect temperature to ensure that the buns are crisp and golden brown on the outside and light and fluffy on the inside.This soft, tasty bun goes perfectly with a juicy and well seasoned burger, with crisp lettuce and other trimmings giving the burger an entire range of textures. Our Caribbean spices pair well with the brioche bun, helping to cut through some of the richness and provide sensational flavours that add heat and sweetness.

Our selection of burgers available is unparalleled. From the ever popular British institution of the BBC (beef, bacon and cheese), to the unforgettable Jerk (BBQ jerk glazed beef patty, hash browns and mango preserve), there really is something for everyone. If you’re more a fan of chicken than beef, you can go for a spicy grilled jerk chicken breast with our own made pesto. Our burgers are constructed with additions and spices which are the perfect pairings for the meat, buns and the style in which they are cooked. So spicy jerk sauce is combined with cooling, crisp coleslaw. Lean chargrilled beef patties are fused with a crispy, intense toasted cheese skirt. We take the best flavours, cooking techniques and food combinations from both Latin and Caribbean cuisine and use them to create dishes which are interesting and innovative while staying true to the spirit of both of these cultures.

We cook all our beef burger patties from scratch, using only the best quality beef, applying our secret seasonings and then cooking them in various ways, from barbecuing to chargrilling. Because we use fresh ingredients, we know exactly what goes into our burgers and we focus on cooking the best, healthiest and tastiest food without any unnecessary additives, putting us head and shoulders above other restaurants. Our burgers are all natural and it’s for that very reason they’re naturally delicious.

If you’re a vegetarian, don’t worry. You can still join in and have an amazing burger at Guanabana. For you we have the Mac Daddy, a large, flavoursome portobello mushroom roasted until it’s juicy and firm, char grilled peppers and macaroni and cheese. Yes, macaroni and cheese! Not on the side but in the burger to give it bite and extra oomph. This burger, just like all of our other burgers, packs a punch. It’s the kind of burger that will fill you up but leave you wishing you could eat it again.burger

We also make gluten free buns for people who are wheat intolerant, so you really don’t have any excuse. Get yourself down to Kentish Town Road in Camden, London to usher in the summer with a one of the best burgers around. Bring your family and friends, and make it a special event. You can book tables here, so you don’t have to worry about having to queue for a place when you get there. Because at Guanabana, every burger and every customer is special. That’s why Guanabana has been so highly praised by food critics such as Betty is Fat and Halal Gems, and it’s why we look forward to seeing you here soon.

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