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Legendary Steak Night on a Thursday even more legendary

steak thursday

steak thursday

Everyone loves a good steak. There are good steaks, great steaks and legendary steaks and of course they taste great any day of the week. Thursday is a funny day of the week, some call it little Friday because the weekend is almost in reach, so near and yet so far. Thursday is a night you want to go out and do something but it must not be too hectic and must really be just a teaser for the weekend. How do you achieve this without going overboard and yet still get the feeling of having had a good night out?

The answer lies in those good steaks and in this case, legendary steaks. Guanabana at 85 Kentish Town Road in Camden has become famous for its more than legendary steaks and on a Thursday these steaks taste better because one reason. That one reason why the Guanabana steaks taste some extra amazing on a Thursday is because on a Thursday if you buy one steak you get another half price. On a Thursday you get fed and feel happy with the best steak in North London and your wallet feels happy having saved some cash. It really is the ultimate win win.

Steak Night on a Thursday at Guanabana is just a like having a mini Friday night party. The Caribbean atmosphere that the restaurant is famous for is in full flow, the party is just lying under the sheets of Friday around the corner and the smells from the kitchen are filling your senses with absolute pleasure.

It is the perfect night to enjoy any of the Guanabana steaks. All the steaks are 100% prime, grass fed beef that has been matured on the bone. The South American influence in the steaks is undeniable and they are cooked to absolute perfection. From better-known sirloin and rump steaks to the lesser known but truly outstanding Brazilian Picanha the steaks are the flavour to savour. One bite and you will soon discover why Guanabana is the best kept secret in London when it comes to amazing steak. Try the Cote de Boeuf cut from the rib for something different and if you are up for it the surf and turf with a serving of chargrilled jerked lobster.

All the steaks come with hand cut chips or the equally famous Guanabana Mash. There is a choice of toppings to choose from, but for many the steak alone, tender and juicy requires no additional sauce to taste perfect.

And as you and your guest tuck in and enjoy just remember one of the streaks is half price, how’s that for a perfect Thursday just in time for Friday?

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Sunday Brunch: Not just for the weekend



Gaunabana is becoming one of the most special places for a couple or family or just a group of friends to enjoy a relaxed Sunday Brunch. The people come because there is something very special about the restaurant in North London that just makes it so perfect for this kind of meal. There is no rush, there is no hurry and somewhere tucked away is the sensation of every slowing down in true Caribbean, Tropical or South American style.

Sunday Brunch is a winner at Guanabana and it is so good is happens from Tuesday to Sunday just to create that lazy convenience that so many Londoners have learnt to enjoy. Knowing others are working while you are sitting back relaxing somewhere tropical on the edge of the bustling city is all part of the pleasure.

The menu is not your standard bacon, eggs and beans. As only the chefs at Guanabana can do they have added an amazing twist to each Brunch come breakfast dish. From something snacky as you enjoy a perfect cup of coffee to something more filling the Brunch menu has something for everyone.

From Goats cheese to an amazing Caribbean Bangers and mash, any guest will be amazed at the variety and diversity of the food on the menu. While Guanabana is known best for its lively atmosphere and bouncy fun at Brunch this is toned down just enough to create and entirely different and utterly enjoyable experience.

There is a full English breakfast for those who are on the Breakfast side of Brunch. However, the Chefs at Guanabana have made it Columbian with some wonderful and intriguing beef bacon and black beans. For those bordering the Lunch side of Brunch the legendary Gourmet Burgers are always available. Grilled on a wood fire the smoky taste of the impressive and delicious Morning Glory burger is one of the best anywhere in the whole London.

For those who worked late the night before and are easing into a later start in the morning Sunday Brunch on a Wednesday is the best way to kick your body clock back to where it needs to be. With a good meal inside you with a dose of true South American Coffee Guanabana brings you back to life and ready to face the office again in style.