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15th March 2016 - No Comments!

Celebrate ‘Britishness’ With Guanabana

National Days 1

So we don’t know if you’ve noticed, but this time of year seems to be the time of ‘national’ or Patron Saint’s days – you know what we’re talking about, every country’s got one, where everyone goes a little bit patriotic bonkers for the day and pretends to celebrate or know about their national history and its place in the modern United Kingdom.  Read more

10th March 2016 - No Comments!

Come and Celebrate Easter at Guanabana


Blimey, it’s just one thing after another at the moment isn’t it?! Anyone would think we live a wild merry-go-round lifestyle of non-stop partying here at Guanabana…oh, wait…we do! Yes, no sooner have we got one celebration out of the way when another one is on its way, so hot on the heels of our Mother’s Day celebrations (and following the mid-week excitement of International Women’s Day) we’ve now got Easter just around the corner!

Yes, this year Easter is happening extra early, with the long weekend starting with Good Friday on 25th March 2016 and ending with Easter Monday on 28th March 2016, and Guanabana is gearing up to help you celebrate and make this year’s the best one yet.  Read more