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5th February 2016 - No Comments!

Not Just A Kitchen Porter – Here’s The Hero Of Guanabana!

Mr Seydou 1

Twice a week, we here in Guanabana land sit down and write you a little blog about what we’ve been cooking at Guanabana this week, or what food we’ll be serving at Guanabana next week, or how much we think you’ll love coming to Guanabana for a meal with your mates, but what we never talk to you about is the people behind the scenes who make everything we do at Guanabana possible.

So we’d like to remedy that here and now, and sing the praises of one of Guanabana’s stalwarts; a true gentleman, without whom everything we do would grind to a halt – please may we present the hero of Guanabana, Mr Seydou!  Read more

6th October 2015 - No Comments!

Welcome To Our Guanabana World

Welcome 1

First opened in 2007, Guanabana was one of the first Latin Caribbean restaurants in London and we’re incredibly proud of what we’ve built here. Specialising in cuisine from all over South America - from Jamaica, Columbia, Mexico and everywhere in-between – we offer a huge range of grub for all kinds of people, and we dish it all up in our very special restaurant, that’s as quirky and eclectic as our food, the folk who serve it and the folk who eat it.  Read more