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Enjoy the Finest Steak

steak-thursdayThe Cut

The blade cut originates from the intensely practiced muscle in the shoulder area. It has a line of connective tissue down the center, making an extreme steak most appropriate to a moderate cooking or braising technique to yield a delicate outcome. Kept in general steak, diced or cut into strips for panfry, the blade is a flexible choice.

Nowadays it's considerably more typical to dismantle the block into its individual muscles, each of which can be showcased as another sort of steak. Therefore, the blade steak from Guanabana Restaurant is the menu of the day.

  • Blade steaks are made by cutting specifically over the top blade muscle, which is in reality truly delicate. The issue is, there's a crease of connective tissue going through its focal point. Which implies that each area of steak has a bit of this intense cartilage appropriate amidst it?
  • The best way to separate the extreme connective tissue amidst a blade steak is to cook it gradually, with sodden warmth — at the end of the day, by braising it.
  • On the bright side, there's a ton of muscular flavor in a blade steak and it's generally modest. Braise it for around an hour and you'll cherish it.

Another method for managing that strip of cartilage is to evacuate it. What's more, truly, that is precisely how level iron steaks are delivered. Level iron steaks are produced using precisely the same blade muscle, just instead of cutting them across, leaving an area of cartilage in every steak, they're cut the long way. That crease of cartilage winds up going into the piece heap (which implies ground hamburger). Accordingly, a similar bit of meat yields two very surprising steaks.

Level iron steaks are more costly —Both in light of the fact that they are dispassionately more alluring, and in view of the extra work required to deliver them. In any case, not at all like blade steaks, level iron steaks truly are awesome for flame broiling.

For Christmas party you and your family are currently prepared to encounter an amazing meal with this straightforward however awesome tasting blade steak formula. On our Guanabana Restaurant, you, along with your family will have the best options for the same and that also within the finest budget.

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Legendary Steak Night on a Thursday even more legendary

steak thursday

steak thursday

Everyone loves a good steak. There are good steaks, great steaks and legendary steaks and of course they taste great any day of the week. Thursday is a funny day of the week, some call it little Friday because the weekend is almost in reach, so near and yet so far. Thursday is a night you want to go out and do something but it must not be too hectic and must really be just a teaser for the weekend. How do you achieve this without going overboard and yet still get the feeling of having had a good night out?

The answer lies in those good steaks and in this case, legendary steaks. Guanabana at 85 Kentish Town Road in Camden has become famous for its more than legendary steaks and on a Thursday these steaks taste better because one reason. That one reason why the Guanabana steaks taste some extra amazing on a Thursday is because on a Thursday if you buy one steak you get another half price. On a Thursday you get fed and feel happy with the best steak in North London and your wallet feels happy having saved some cash. It really is the ultimate win win.

Steak Night on a Thursday at Guanabana is just a like having a mini Friday night party. The Caribbean atmosphere that the restaurant is famous for is in full flow, the party is just lying under the sheets of Friday around the corner and the smells from the kitchen are filling your senses with absolute pleasure.

It is the perfect night to enjoy any of the Guanabana steaks. All the steaks are 100% prime, grass fed beef that has been matured on the bone. The South American influence in the steaks is undeniable and they are cooked to absolute perfection. From better-known sirloin and rump steaks to the lesser known but truly outstanding Brazilian Picanha the steaks are the flavour to savour. One bite and you will soon discover why Guanabana is the best kept secret in London when it comes to amazing steak. Try the Cote de Boeuf cut from the rib for something different and if you are up for it the surf and turf with a serving of chargrilled jerked lobster.

All the steaks come with hand cut chips or the equally famous Guanabana Mash. There is a choice of toppings to choose from, but for many the steak alone, tender and juicy requires no additional sauce to taste perfect.

And as you and your guest tuck in and enjoy just remember one of the streaks is half price, how’s that for a perfect Thursday just in time for Friday?