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1st November 2017 - No Comments!

Tropical Pre-Christmas Party

dsc_1242At Guanabana restaurant, we love parties, it is the Caribbean in us and that party vibe flows in our tropical blood.  Because of this, it feels like Christmas every day in our restaurant and that means any day of the year can become a Christmas party.  This has got us thinking about not just a Christmas party but a Pre-Christmas party.

A Pre-Christmas party with us is a great way to get ready for Christmas, enjoy the company of friends and have some amazing Caribbean food. The excuse for the party is that Christmas is coming and you just want to celebrate that fact and say thank you those who have been with you all year round.

At Guanabana, we have the most amazing party menus and all you need to do to make your party go with a swing is invite you friends. At Guanabana restaurant, here on the Kentish Town Road in Northwest London, we bring a tropical party place with amazing food a great vibe to you and Pre-Christmas party is a great way to experience it.

At our fun restaurant, we have an amazing party menu that is perfect for a pre-Christmas party for you and your colleagues or friends. Our menu has a tantalising combination of some of the most wonderful Caribbean foods and foods from the region found anywhere in London.

Get your party started with one of our starters such as the Flying Abodo a delicious pan glazed chicken wings in our legendary bay leaf and sweet peppercorn sauce. The flavours will get you in a very Christmassy frame of mind.  Bring your own bottle, that is how we rock at Guanabana, and enjoy your favourite beer or wine in our home and the party will be swinging.

We make a Pre-Christmas party something different and above all memorable. We do it through a great party atmosphere and through our amazing tropical inspired dishes on our menu. For most people Christmas is turkey and all the trimmings but this is Pre-Christmas at Guanabana and we make things different. Our party menu has something to tantalise everyone from our world famous   jerk chicken to the most amazing whole sea bass.  We know how to add some spice and flavour to the festive season and get you ready for the holiday time of year.

A Pre-Christmas party with us is totally tropical, we love to party and feel that samba beat all year round.  A party with us ends in style too as we tease you into Christmas, and there is nothing like salted brownie or bowl of Churros just to add that touch of sweetness.

At Guanabana, we would love to lead you and your friends, family or colleagues into Christmas the Caribbean way and begin the festivities just a few weeks early. Of course we will welcome you all for the full on Christmas party too.

30th October 2017 - No Comments!

Tropical Halloween

halloweenHalloween is a time of year that is becoming something that is more celebrated in the UK.  It is a somewhat new idea to celebrate Halloween and it has become a great excuse for a party or just to have some fun. It is fair to say that Halloween is not so much celebrated as used as an excuse to have a party in the run up to Christmas; after all there is any excuse for a party.

Guanabana has embraced the fact that everything and anything is worth celebrating and thus Halloween something that can be and will be.  The restaurant in North London has secretly become one of the best known spots to celebrate anything, including Halloween with a party. The genuine South American, Caribbean and Tropical them of the restaurant always adds something different to any party. The staff at the restaurant are also always game for a party and this creates an atmosphere that automatically makes people happy.

For Halloween, Guanabana invites you to come and celebrate in the way only they know how. Bring your own bottle and let this amazing restaurant take your party and your enjoyment to a completely new level of fun. Halloween is the perfect excuse to have some fun, make it spooky, make it creepy but do it all in the name of fun by making it tropical and it will be a blast.

Celebrating Halloween with Guanabana will be a fun event for everyone. As you walk in the doors of the restaurant, you will enter a place filled with a truly magical vibe with aromas that tease the imagination. Dress up, we welcome it, and make the party happen in the way you want it to and let the team at the restaurant add some Caribbean sparkle you will never forget.

Sit down for your meal and let the aroma from the kitchen come to your table. The spices and creativity in the dishes on the menu will amaze you and your friends. Halloween is the excuse to party and the chefs behind the scenes will ensure it is a Halloween you will never forget. There is no trick or treat on the menu, everything from the starters through the main course and down to the desert is only a treat.

Halloween will become something you always want to celebrate when  you celebrate at Guanabana. The food is all part of the experience; the sounds of tropical or South American music in the background carry you away to somewhere you never knew existed.  Laughter will bellow from you all as the restaurant casts its mesmerising spell over everyone around you. You feel relaxed and happy and all the ghosts and ghouls drift far away such is the atmosphere.

At Guanabana Halloween will have some surprises but why should they be given away here. What worth is a surprise if you know about it?  So make your booking for the end of October and be prepared for something special.