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Viva Mexico! Mexican Independence Day Is Here!

Maxican Independence Day

Maxican Independence Day

If you walk through Camden on September 16th, you’ll sure to witness a Mexican spectacular taking place at Guanabana! Already our staff are getting ready for the festivities of Mexican Independence Day and the Mexican flags are being prepared to be draped through our Latin American restaurant. Get ready to kick start the Latin American party being hosted in our corner of Camden for Mexican Independence Day!

What is Mexican Independence Day?

Every year on the 16th of September the President of Mexico addresses the Mexican people from the balcony of the National Palace with the modern version of the famous Grito de Dolores. He shouts Vivas! to the leaders of the Mexican Revolution and ends with a cheer echoed three times by the huge crowds that have gathered: “Viva México!

Mexico then begin the celebration to its independence with parades, festivals, feasts, parties and more importantly. Mexican flags!

So will you be joining Guanabana in kick starting the celebrations?

Being from Latin America, Guanabana loves an excuse for a celebration and Mexican Independence Day is no different! Our staff are currently working tirelessly to prepare our Latin American restaurant with the experiences and tastes that Mexican would expect. So if you opt to join us at Guanabana we promise to immerse you in the Mexican spirit with a full day of Southern American beats, not to mention the greatest Latin American food that London has to offer. So get your sombrero out, call up your friends and bring a bottle of tequila and and book a table at Guanabana, to get your party started in the right way!

The party atmosphere is as authentic as the South American environment we create!

At Guanabana we have a passion for hosting the perfect party but don't forget we have been established in Camden since 2007. We combine our love for Latin American culture and infuse it with the opportunity to experience some of the most fantastic dishes that South America has to offer. We are proud of our little corner in Camden, and you’ll be certain to experience the Guanabana colours, smells and tastes when visiting our restaurant.

What we have to offer this Mexican Independence Day

Our welcoming hosts will be on hand to ensure you and your guests experience a real authentic Mexican celebration. You may not be able to make it to Mexico, but we guarantee that we will bring the party straight to your table. Whether sitting in our quirky dining room or having a drink on our outside terrace or bar you’ll immediately experience what Guanabana is all about! In our open plan kitchen you be able to see at first hand our chefs preparing the finest ingredients and infusing passion to the dishes being served to your table!

Will you experience Guanabana highly accoladed Mexican dishes this Independence Day?

Nacho Grande- Perhaps you fancy a snack or the ideal sharer, then why not try our famous Guanabana Nachos. Our Nachos are lightly fried and seasoned, then served with a mountain of cheese, jalapenos and homemade sour cream and guacamole! You won’t want to share these!

Soft Shell Crab Taco- The corn tacos are loaded with chipotle cream, aji, coriander and guacamole! These tacos are delightful to the eye and amazing for the stomach!

Gourmet Fajitas- The word gourmet explains our fajitas exceptionally well. These are not the fajitas you make at home! Our freshly made tortillas are served with the halal meat of your choice (or a vegetarian option). So will you choose our fresh chicken or our premium cuts of steak? Either way our fajitas will be sent to your table sizzling with flavour! Our chefs use the freshest ingredients in Camden and you’ll immediately taste the difference! So will you create your fajita with some homemade guacamole or will you spice it up and try our homemade Guanabana salsa? No matter what you decide you’re know what a true fajita tastes like when you experience our Mexican delight!

Borrito Tomatillo= Chicken or beef, you decide? Our Burritos have received plaudits from across Camden for years. At Guanabana we make food that tastes and look amazing, as these burrito prove. Our chefs cram the filling of meat, rice, jalapenos and then top it off with a tomatillo sauce, feta and chipolata cream. This is the epitome of Mexican cuisine!

Book your table and bring your sombrero along

Now that we have teased you with our menu why not get your friends together and join us at Guanabana where were bring the Latin American atmosphere to your plate.

If you’d like to book a table to come and eat with us- we’d love nothing more to help you celebrate. Contact us by email at or by telephone us on 0207 485 11 66 or use our online booking facility.

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Guanabana Restaurant British Lamb Week

Guanabana British Lamb

British Lamb Week

Guanabana Restaurant lamb

Guanabana Restaurant is helping to raise the profile and awareness of British Lamb week. Running from September 1st till 7th September British Lamb Week is helping unite all who Love British Lamb. So whether you’re one of the many producers or consumers, Guanabana is excited in playing our part in giving a boost to the great local businesses who supply some of the finest cuts of British meats we serve at our restaurant..

Uk British Sheep Farmers have said about the week long awareness “2016 will be our second year, and through supporting #LoveLambWeek producers have the opportunity to join together and show consumers that we love what we do & are proud to produce British Lamb. We hope to get more people thinking about British Lamb and see more British Lamb in store's, butchers and restaurants UK wide and as proud producers will support campaigns in any way we can.”

Guanabana has joined the ‘Love British Lamb’ campaign!

Being one of Camden’s leading halal only restaurants, Guanabana are proud to support our local farmers and butchers by sourcing only ‘British Halal Lamb’. To celebrate this special week, our team of talented chefs have been developing new creations in our kitchen to give that British lamb an infusion of Latino spirit. Racking our brains for the past few weeks Guanabana is excited for the launch of the ‘Love British Lamb’ week, so we are introducing two mouth watering lamb dishes to our already tantalising Latin American menu.

lamb burger

lamb burger lamb chop lamb steak lamb shank

The Guanabana Lamb Burger!

Sounds boring doesn’t it? Think again! A burger might be the creation of the North Americans but our Latin American roots have produced the perfect recipe for the ‘gourmet burger’. Using our Caribbean expertise whilst not forgetting our Camden heritage our team has developed a burger that can really create a ‘capital kick’! Our chefs have indulged in their Latin roots and using the finest ‘British Halal Lamb’ they have infused passion in the seasoning of the meat! The only dilemma now is, how adventurous are you feeling?

Our spiced lamb patties are cooked fresh using the finest British and Caribbean ingredients. Using a combination of different herbs and spices these ‘Guanabana Lamb Burgers’ are anything but fast food! We have bravely created a mouthwatering burger masterpiece, sandwiched between the finest ice gem lettuce and our ‘homemade brioche bun’.

What topping are you?

At Guanabana we want you to be as creative as our chefs, so what will you choose? A personal favourite of Guanabana is the lamb patty with a ‘skirt of toasted cheese’ layered with ‘British home cured beef bacon’. Sounds delicious, doesn’t it? Would you though prefer our lamb patty smothered in a ‘BBQ Jerk Glaze’ with ‘Jalapenos’? Either way with a portion of ‘hand cut chilli chips’ on the side you can guarantee that our spices and seasoning will pack a punch! This is no ordinary burger!

Chargrilled Guanabana Lamb Chops!

The word chargrilled makes any dish sound mouth watering however, our Latin American chefs barbeque the tender British Lamb which is infused with flavour and passion. Our chefs have meticulously prepared the British Lamb in our Guanabana marinade and then seasoned with the finest herbs and spices. So when the lamp chops are served we guarantee they will be juicy, tender but more importantly mouthwateringly tasty!

But how will you combine the chargrilled lamb chops?

It has been a difficult week tasting all this delicious food but we can definitely recommend combining the lamb chops with some ‘Feta Cheese Mash’. However, the ‘Coal Cool Baked Sweet Potato’ with the sour cream and chive dip is something you must try!. Either way you will be transported to some truly delicious comfort food made in the heart of Camden.

Fear not if you’re not a fan of British Lamb!

Perhaps lamb isn’t your favourite meat? Do not worry at Guanabana our famous Latin American menu has been tickling the tastebuds of Camden and London residents since 2007. So whether you want to tuck into one our ‘Gourmet Burgers’ or perhaps our Jamaican Speciality of ‘Ackee & Snapper’ you can guarantee we will use the finest and freshest ingredients on the market. Our menu has something to suit everyone, just make sure you order the “Dutty Fries!”

Enjoy the last fews weeks of Summer 2016

Our relaxed environment allows you to enjoy the last summer days and evenings tasting the finest food that Camden has to offer. You can get to experience our famous ‘mocktails’ served and created by our famous bartenders. Our ‘Guanabana Mojito’ is not only alcohol free, it is also a great palate cleanser to our seasoned food! But maybe you like a beer or a glass of bubbly? No problem, at Guanabana we love the party atmosphere so we created our ‘Bring Your Own Bottle’ policy! Quite simply it allows you to bring your own wine or beer with you to the restaurant to enjoy with your food for just a small corkage fee.

So Visit us this September and help bring a Latin twist to the ‘Love British Lamb’ campaign!

At Guanabana we are proud to work closely with our local meat suppliers. The results are great tasting cuts of British Lamb which will be presented direct to your plate.

So join the many regulars who have been visiting since we opened in 2007. Guanabana promises to provide a warm welcome for everyone who walks through our doors. As we have always preached “Honest food, humble surroundings, friendly service and passionately sourcing our ingredients has been the heart of everything that fires out of our kitchens.”

If you’d like to book a table to come and eat with us this “British Lamb Week’- we’d love nothing more to accommodate you. Contact us by email at or by telephone us on 0207 485 11 66 or use our online booking facility.