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8th March 2016 - No Comments!

Happy International Women’s Day From Guanabana

International Women's Day 2

So for those of you who don’t know, today, the 8th March, is International Women’s Day; a day in celebration of womanhood, when the social, political, economic and human rights of women around the world are promoted. And far from being an irrelevant lefty feminist notion, International Women’s Day is actually a powerful force for change in many countries in the world that desperately need it; in countries where the voices of women are silenced and even in countries like the UK, where inequality is still evident in many areas.  Read more

15th December 2015 - No Comments!

Christmas Comes To Camden

Christmas Xmas Camden Guanabana

Well there’s not long to go now; only ten days until Christmas Day and, back by popular demand, we’ve started our daily countdown on social media. Our Camden restaurant is decked out as a Caribbean Christmas wonderland and we’ve got Christmas parties and work’s dos in every night now, giving the whole place a real festive atmosphere and bringing the happy out in everyone who walks through our doors. Even the most miserable of Scrooges can’t help but be won over by our infectious merrymaking; bah humbugs are out and great food, drink and company are in!

But Guanabana are not alone in our Christmas revelry, all around Camden the sights, sounds and smells of the festive period are springing up and Londoners are out in force, braving the cold, wet rain and having fun despite the miserable British weather.  Read more