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23rd September 2015 - No Comments!

Guanabana Wednesday! 2 for 1 burger offer

Wednesdays at Guanabana restaurant have just got even better with our latest Guanabana Wednesday 2 for 1 offer on all of our gourmet burgers!

That's right 2 for 1; buy one burger and get another for free!


guanabana burger camden

All you have to do in order to get your tasty burger (and let's face it, things are always better when they're free) is whip out your phone, tablet, laptop.....even a PC, and tag us or like us on social media.

You could send a lovely tweet, check-in or like us on Facebook or even go for a traditional Instagram selfie, just ask a member of staff to take the camera if you're arms aren't quite long enough! Once you've done this, just show the social media love to your server and *boom* you have a 2 for 1 burger adventure ahead of you!

We have quite a few burgers on our menu, so we apologise if it's hard to choose which to pick as part of your 2 for 1. Will it be the BBC; a chargrilled beef pattie with home cured beef bacon and cheese? Or maybe the Spicy Chicken & Pesto with its jerk spices and succulent chicken breast? Or for the vegetarians out there we have roasted Portobello mushrooms, macaroni and cheese and chargrilled peppers aka the Mac Daddy.
cheese skirt burger 2 for 1 offer gunanabana camden
All of our burgers are halal and come served in a freshly home-made brioche burger bun made in Guanabana. Though, gluten free bread is also available.

So, whether you bring the family, a friend, your date or just yourself, why not head to Guanabana in Camden this Wednesday and enjoy a 2 for 1 gourmet burger?

18th June 2015 - No Comments!

Breaking your fast in london – halal restaurant guide to Ramadan

break fast eat slow - breaking your fast  in London's best halal restaurant

Long summer days are the most testing when it comes to Ramadan. The last thing on your mind is slaving over a hot stove on a hot day fixing a feast for friends or family.
Theres a lot more halal restaurants in london on the scene over the last few years like Bintang and Tinsel town, but with over 8  years experience in providing for our muslim customers during ramadan we’re pretty sure we have this under our belt.
All our food on our menu is halal from our halal steakshalal gourmet burgershalal jerk chicken, and halal lamb and we have an extensive range of non-alcoholic beverages from mojitos, fresh pressed juice  to milkshakes.
We have just opened an amazing wood coal barbecue kitchen to improve the flavour profile on all our grilled meats.halal-steak-coal-grill
An we have a new menu launching in time for the start of Ramadan.
For iftar complimentary iced tea, fruits and dates will be available when breaking your fast.  Also available is a prayer room on site.
With such an array of choices to chose from I’m sure there's something for everyone
As one of the best halal restaurants in London we’re sure with our food and experience, remember to "break fast and eat slow” - Enjoy every bite at Guanabana Restaurant