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European Football League watch on big screen

englandAre you game for the European Football League? You should better ready by now. Guanabana restaurant is all set to roll out the next level of enjoyment. Now, watch your favorite games live and enjoy mouth-watering dishes such as BBQ Jerk Chicken, gourmet juicy burgers, ackee and snapper, and more.

European Football League - A game of delights

European Football League is a dynamic game of power, performance, and endurance. Athletes scurrying around the ground, pouring sweat in full potential, a heartfelt carnival of applauses, apparently followed by the satiated fan base. All this and more is waiting for you at Guanabana restaurant. Yeah.You’ve heard it right! For our dedicated soccer fans, we have reinstated an amazing ambiance at our place, where fans can enjoy the action-packed games, and indulge in delicacies post the thrills and chills of soccer.

Do you know, what is the secret to the well-chiseled bodies of your favorite stars? Nutrition. You’ve heard right. Good nutrition is the key to successful and healthy life. That’s why Guanabana offers for its beloved customers a healthy but extremely delightful menu of their favorite dishes. Talking about nutrition, our top quality, systemized and processed meat and vegetables are a must-have for every food lover. So whether you support Spain, Argentina or swear by the Italian warriors, it’s a win-win situation at Guanabana.

We have special arrangements of high-definition screens which cater perfectly to your senses. So, don’t go by the words, but the experiences that you’ll soon rejoice having a delicious meal at Guanabana. Amid adrenaline packed sessions of soccer, how about savoring delectable, juicy, spicy and tasteful chicken? We welcome you to munch on BBQ Jerk Chicken, a delicious cuisine done on the traditional barbecues above a charcoal fire. Our delicious BBQ Jerk Chicken is prepared by those meticulous chefs who understand what your tender taste buds are up to, and so you get an enriching taste like never before.

Taste seekers, have you tried juicy gourmet burgers, or for that matter slow baked ribs?

For your inner gourmet, we have juicy gourmet burgers that are extremely juicy, tender, and perfectly balanced with healthy ingredients. Our burgers are tough on the outside, soft on the inside, and extremely delightful in between. Feasting at Guanabana adds to the charm of European Football League Championship, owing to the soccer-rich ambiance and fragrant delicacies heating up the room temperature. So, come here and destroy some rich and juicy gourmet burgers. If you haven’t tried our slow baked ribs, you are probably missing some real fun. These slow baked ribs are key to ultimate happiness and it’s evident by the way it melts-in-your-mouth.

Imagine you and your friends are enjoying soccer at Guanabana; screaming, cheering, and ribbing each other with funny jokes while we are serving you delicious ribs. If we talk about dry aged steaks, one thing’s for sure, our scientifically proven and chef-approved technology allows you to enjoy dry aged beef like nowhere else. Dry aged Steaks are so popular at Guanabana because with this process the meat’s enzymes disintegrate and tenderize the meat, giving it amazing flavor and unusual softness. Oh! Did we forget to mention the chemistry between ackee and snapper?

You need to try this succinct meal for sure. The fruit of the ackee tree is gracefully paired with reddish marine fish called as snapper and exotic condiments make it divine. Have you started drooling yet? If not, come on and check out ackee and snapper. Don’t forget a bit about our traditional Mexican vegetarian dish, it’ll surely amaze you. Spice up your life with true Mexican feeling. So, these traditional Mexican vegetarian dishes are certainly a must-grab for the vegans. Dear pleasure seekers, taste of delights is awaiting you. Come as you are.

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