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Jamaican Independence Day at Guanabana

Guanabana-Latin-Caribbean-Restaurant-Ackee-and-Snapper-FishCelebrate the 54th Independence Day of Jamaica? If you are now settled or working away from home, and wish to celebrate this patriotic day with friends and family and good food, and drinks flowing, then walk in straight to Guanabana, the Latin Caribbean restaurant, for dinner.

August 6 will be a proud and happy moment for every Jamaican and even those who are working in other cities like London. Jamaica got its Independence from the colonial rule of British 54 years ago. The best way for Jamaicans to enjoy their Independence Day is by tucking in to some mouth-watering delicacies that are specialties for the day at Guanabana Restaurant.

What’s cooking at Guanabana on 6th August?

If you are a frequent visitor at Guanabana, UK, and wish to have your regular spread or a typical favourite, then you shall still order for it. Otherwise, you might rather think of having Caribbean dishes, and make your pick from a wide variety of dishes or go a la carte.

The friendly ambience and the grand, open kitchen are in full view, and the comfortable chairs are ideal to relax after a long week at work. The flat screen wall-mount television shall air Reggae hits of all times throughout the day.

Talking of the food, the steak lovers shall also get premium cuts for the day and enjoy those too along with a great spread of house dishes and breads that make the eaters visit here again.

Confused what to pick? Here are a few choices:

Guanabana shall be offering many Appetizers like Chicken Chicharrones, El Lote, Seared Scallops, and many more. These could get you started with the lunch or dinner’s main course too. The breads and brioche buns are fresh since the restaurant bakes them right there. Nothing could get tastier and softer than that!

Moving forward, if you are in a grand mood and wish to kick start with a BBQ delicacy to celebrate the mood of Jamaican Independence Day, then try ordering the Camden’s Famous Wood Coal Grilled Half Jerk Baby Chicken. You might even try out the sumptuous and wholesome Gourmet Burgers.

In the Gourmet Burgers, you shall have any of the regular favourites like The BBC or Beef Bacon Cheese, or Barbecue Pulled Beef. Those who love to dive into beef and more of it shall dive into The Jerk, which is a BBQ Jerk glazed beef patty with hash brown and mango preserve. If your friends love to have something cheesy, then Cheese Skirt is an ideal option.

Now the time has come for the House Dishes and when it is Jamaican food, the Curry Goat deserves the first mention. Guanabana has this delicious food ready for the fellow Jamaicans sticking true to the traditional recipe of braised goat. Another hot favourite is the Ackee and Snapper, which is very delicious and shall bring in nostalgia to every Caribbean guy in town.

More of fun and enjoyment:

Celebrating such important festival days like Jamaican Independence Day and that too the 54th Independence Day holds a special treat to all the Jamaicans. Feeling proud of the day, celebrating it with Jamaicans in London or in other cities on this day, would be something common worldwide. Guanabana Restaurant heartily welcomes all to come and be a part of their Jamaican Independence Day celebrations with friends and family.

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