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Monday Blues are brightened up with Guanabana

Jerk Chicken

Jerk Chicken

Guanabana does not get the Monday blues. The North London Restaurant for some reason is always happy and cheerful. This is perhaps put down to being the happiest most friendly Caribbean and Tropical Restaurants in the whole of London. The people who work for Guanabana love what they do, love the people they meet and love sharing happiness and joy all day every day.

Because of the happiness that flows within Guanabana, the Monday Blues do not exist and because of this they do something truly special every Monday. To take away the blue and to lessen the burden on cooking, the management at Gaunabana have introduced their own version of Monday Blues. With the Monday Blues at Guanabana it is a happy thing not a morose and miserable thing.

Already, those who know the happy restaurant will know that just by stepping inside grumpiness is turned to happiness and all the worries of the world are left outside on the street. With the Monday Blues at Guanabana, that colourful atmosphere of happiness and enjoyment is given a boost, a big boost that will make people wonder why they were so miserable in the first place.

The food at Guanabana is legendary and house menu has widest variety of all the dishes imaginable that can be found in one restaurant. With some of Camden’s most celebrated dishes such as the coal fired half baby chicken and of course the more than talked about gourmet burgers, the misery of Monday is removed in just one bite.

But here comes the magic of the Monday blues. Glance down the menu and you will find the House Dishes. These dishes are all speciality dishes, dishes made in the Caribbean or South American way. From the most wonderful Curry Goat to Whole oven baked Sea bass there is something for everyone. On a Monday this part of the menu will put a smile on your face more than normal because if you order one dish from this menu you can order another at half price.

Guanabana knows this is a great way to end a Monday, for our small corkage fee you can bring your own bottle and know that Monday really wasn’t that bad after all. Maybe if you visit more often you will learn the secret to why Guanabana never has the Monday blues, visit and we know our secret will become known.

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