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Tropical Halloween

halloweenHalloween is a time of year that is becoming something that is more celebrated in the UK.  It is a somewhat new idea to celebrate Halloween and it has become a great excuse for a party or just to have some fun. It is fair to say that Halloween is not so much celebrated as used as an excuse to have a party in the run up to Christmas; after all there is any excuse for a party.

Guanabana has embraced the fact that everything and anything is worth celebrating and thus Halloween something that can be and will be.  The restaurant in North London has secretly become one of the best known spots to celebrate anything, including Halloween with a party. The genuine South American, Caribbean and Tropical them of the restaurant always adds something different to any party. The staff at the restaurant are also always game for a party and this creates an atmosphere that automatically makes people happy.

For Halloween, Guanabana invites you to come and celebrate in the way only they know how. Bring your own bottle and let this amazing restaurant take your party and your enjoyment to a completely new level of fun. Halloween is the perfect excuse to have some fun, make it spooky, make it creepy but do it all in the name of fun by making it tropical and it will be a blast.

Celebrating Halloween with Guanabana will be a fun event for everyone. As you walk in the doors of the restaurant, you will enter a place filled with a truly magical vibe with aromas that tease the imagination. Dress up, we welcome it, and make the party happen in the way you want it to and let the team at the restaurant add some Caribbean sparkle you will never forget.

Sit down for your meal and let the aroma from the kitchen come to your table. The spices and creativity in the dishes on the menu will amaze you and your friends. Halloween is the excuse to party and the chefs behind the scenes will ensure it is a Halloween you will never forget. There is no trick or treat on the menu, everything from the starters through the main course and down to the desert is only a treat.

Halloween will become something you always want to celebrate when  you celebrate at Guanabana. The food is all part of the experience; the sounds of tropical or South American music in the background carry you away to somewhere you never knew existed.  Laughter will bellow from you all as the restaurant casts its mesmerising spell over everyone around you. You feel relaxed and happy and all the ghosts and ghouls drift far away such is the atmosphere.

At Guanabana Halloween will have some surprises but why should they be given away here. What worth is a surprise if you know about it?  So make your booking for the end of October and be prepared for something special.

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