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We’re Famous At Last!

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It’s finally happened! Yes, a bit like Leonardo di Caprio, our years of waiting patiently have finally paid off, because your favourite Latin Caribbean Restaurant has started to get the fame it deserves at last!

Thanks to many of our fellow bloggers and foodies out there in this great city of ours, Camden’s very own Guanabana Restaurant has been featured in several great blogs recently, so we wanted to share the love and, not just tell you about our new found fame, but also give thanks to those who have written about and reviewed us lately.

As any foodie will tell you, a restaurant is only ever as good as its customers think it is, so without the praise of, and word-of-mouth effect created by, these fabulous friends, Guanabana would be nothing; so thanks guys – we really do appreciate it!


  1. Just Nice Things

Other Blogs 2Sheenie Shaikh and her partner-in-crime, Leanne Parsons, have become sort of ‘online friends’ with Guanabana recently and have already been mentioned in one of our other blogs for their shout outs on social media (thanks girls!) but we were also lucky enough to feature in Sheenie’s most recent vlog too, Wifey Week Part 2.


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Other Blogs 3Sheenie writes a rather wonderful little blog called Just Nice Things, in which she talks about, well, anything she feels like really, but mainly food and makeup. At the same time, Leanne publishes a little blog entitled Do Not Refreeze that more or less does the same thing; and please don’t take that as disparaging – both of these blogs are fab and well worth checking out! They also both love Guanabana too, so of course their taste is impeccable!

So it transpires that Sheenie and Leanne like nothing better than getting together, having a fab time and, essentially, eating, and in February that’s exactly what they did. Their vlog, Wifey Week Part 2, which documents their second week together and follows on from – wait for it – Wifey Week Part 1, was published on YouTube on 6th March and is rather a wonderful little whirl through a week of eating in London, featuring Guanabana of course. It’s fab. What more could you ask for?!?


  1. Bubblo

Other Blogs 4If you’ve never heard of Bubblo then you’re missing a trick! Self-styled as “your decision app” Bubble is a fabulous little app for anyone wanting to explore London, as it gives you the top 5 places to go out near you, wherever you are in the city. According to their website, Bubblo will enable you to;

“View the gender ratio of pubs, clubs, and restaurants and watch real-time videos to see and hear how a place is before you ever step foot inside!”

In addition to the app itself, Bubblo has a great little blog that, mostly, gives you top 5 lists for practically anything you can think of. Food and drinks based, that is.

And so on 26th February, Bubblo published a little blog entitled Bubblo’s Top 5: Afro-Caribbean; now as you can probably imagine this little blog lists the top 5 Afro-Caribbean restaurants in London – and let us tell you, there is some pretty tough competition to get onto a list like that. That’s why, Guanabana were absolutely honoured to be featured here amongst some of London’s best restaurants (and not just Afro-Caribbean restaurants; just restaurants).

Bubblo said that, at Guanabana, the “meat and the main dishes are incredibly tasty” and also that you get “good portions and fantastic food”. Seriously, guys, thanks.


  1. Betty Is Fat

Other Blogs 5Betty Is Fat is a wonderful little blog written by Betty Ansah, who, by the way, is most definitely not fat. Betty Is Fat however, reviews London restaurants and cafes and provides some really nice, succinct and unbiased food and drink reviews with some nice photography to enhance it.

So on 22nd January 2016, we were lucky enough to be featured on Betty’s blog, as she started the new year off with her favourite cuisine. Following this theme, Betty chose the Curry Goat that night – one of our most popular dishes – and it would appear she enjoyed it too, stating;

“I can honestly say that my meal was a straight 10/10... I can't think of what else they could have done with this! It was perfect.”

Wow. Judging from her review too, it would appear that Betty knows her Curry Goat – apparently it’s her “favourite dish ever” – so praise like that from the people who know really does mean the world. Thanks Betty!


  1. Halal Gems

Other Blogs 6Halal Gems is an online food review and guide for finding the best halal food in London and, if you’re a fan of halal food, then it’s a resource you really can’t do without. In addition to their online content, Halal Gems also run a number of nights around the capital that actually get people involved, such as their latest adventure – Burger Mondays – which last month was held at…you guessed it….Guanabana!

In addition to this and many shout outs that Halal Gems generously give us on social media, they also recently featured us in their blog about London’s Best Halal Steaks. More of a list with pictures than an actual review, it was nevertheless an honour to find ourselves on this list, as there are again some other really fantastic restaurants on this list. At least we’re doing something right!!


Get In Touch

So all in all it’s really rather pleasing to already have been featured so favourably by so many other bloggers, and it’s only April – we can’t wait to see what the rest of the year brings. We didn’t even have to bribe any of them either!

If you’d like to keep up with all the latest news and foodie gossip then you can follow us and them via our social media pages at Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

Alternatively, if you’d like to see for yourself what all the fuss is about, then we’d love to see you and serve you some awesome food. You can book your table by email at info@guanabanarestaurant.com, by phone on 0207 485 1166 or using our online booking system.

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