Green Grenada  - green kale apple  cucumber  3.2

Kingston Kick  -orange carrot apple ginger  3.2

Orange Juice 3.2

Apple Juice 3.2

Carrot Juice 3.2

Coke  2.2

Diet Coke  2.2

Ginger beer  2.2

Ting  2.2

Mango  2.2

Passion  2.2

Lychee  2.2

Guanabana  2.2

Guava  2.2

Pineapple  2.2

H2o Still  -  H2o Sparkling   2.5

Ginger Beer Float  3.7

Coke Float  3.7

GLASS 3.7  /  JUG 9.8

Apple mojito- apple juice  fresh mint  fresh lime  brown sugar  soda

Mango mojito-mango juice fresh mint  fresh lime  brown sugar  soda

Guanabana mojito- guanabana fruit  lychee juice  fresh lime  fresh mint  brown sugar soda

Lime mojito- fresh lime  fresh mint  brown sugar  soda

Watermelon and guava mojito- fresh watermelon  guava juice  fresh mint  fresh lime  brown sugar  soda

Lychee mojito- lychee juice  fresh lime  fresh mint  brown sugar  soda

GLASS 3.7  /  JUG 9.8

Lychee berry breezer- mixed berries, lychee juice, brown sugar

Guanabana berry breezer- mixed berries, guanabana juice, brown sugar

Pina Colada-pineapple juice, coconut milk

Cuban Mint Crush-pineapple juice, mint leaf, fresh lime, brown sugar

Mango Passion- mango juice, passion fruit juice, brown sugar

Summer Passion-passion fruit juice, apple juice, brown sugar

Oreo  4.1

Banana  4.1

Banana and Peanut  4.1

Peanut butter  4.1

Brownie  4.1

Strawberry 4.1

Chocolate  4.1

Vanilla  4.1

Avocado  4.5

English Breakfast  2

Green Tea  2

Fresh Ginger and Lemon  2

Arabic Fresh Mint  2



Mexican Hot Chocolate  2.5

Camden Hot Chocolate  2.5

Coffee beans freshly grinded on order, we have two types of coffee beans

Robusta coffee beans 80% brazilian & 20% ethiopian mixed coffee beans medium roasted in Portsmouth England

Arabica coffee beans organic & fair trade medium to well roasted, Ecuador & Colombia coffee beans roasted in Wembley London

Americano  2

Cappuccino  2

Latte  2

Flat White  2

Mocha  2

Iced Coffee  2

Café cortado  2

Café bon bon  2

Macchiato  2

Café Leche  2

Espresso  2

Soya, Almond or Coconut milk available on request