Guanabana Wednesdays

Hello Guanabadetes.

Aren’t Wednesdays great?  Apparently Wednesdays are the new Friday, so I guess that makes Fridays the old Wednesdays? It’s that time of week when you just got over your weekend and looking forward to the next. So who else better to share this special day with than one of your dear friends.

What makes Guanabana Wednesdays special is that you can now buy one of our home made burgers and get the cheapest one free. All you have to do with your friend is Check In with Facebook or Foursquare or even twitter that your in Guanabana and you get a free burger. Just show one of our waiters or waitresses that you’ve done so and you’re on your way to enjoying one of the best burgers in London.

So if it’s before, after or instead of going to the cinema? Either way it beats overpriced popcorn! Next time you come at Guanabana restaurant with a friend buy a burger and get the least expensive for free.

We recommend the new Guanabana cheese skirt burger, or even the new Roast Beef Adobo Burger. Check out our new menu for more choices.

n.b. Not in conjunction with any other offer and only applies to the ala-carte menu


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